What's New?

Here at Aunt Stacey's Soaps we are enjoying our fresh lavender and chamomile hydrosols, our gorgeous baths with our bath bombs and our Solid Bubble Bath Bars, and current favorite soap.....OMH...Oatmeal Milk & Honey.

Once you start using real soap made with organic oils and adorned with real flowers - Roses from my mother's garden...you will never go back to store bought commercial soap.

Why use soap that has Organic ingredients? We feel that it is overall better for your skin.  Your skin is the LARGEST organ on your body. Everything that you put on your skin gets absorbed into your system. Your body has to process the ingredients you choose to put on your body.  We know that Organic foods are said to be GMO free, Chemical Free, and better for you.


We love, love, love chamomile over here at the Aunt Stacey's Soap Lab.  Here we have fresh Chamomile flowers straight from our garden.  We also have an ethical source for Chamomile Hydrosol that is distilled by an artisan in the USA.  This Chamomile Hydrosol is great for skin redness, pimples, various skin conditions, and it is sooooo soothing.  Just a few sprays on the face, neck and you will feel how beautiful your skin will feel.  You can also discover the wonderful therapeutic properties of Chamomile and how it can be very calming.


We will be at the Hopkinton Farmer's Market again this year.  We started attending the Hopkinton Farmer's Market years ago in 2006 when our relationship with soaps, salves, and lotions began.  

Next Farmer's Market Date: June 10th 12pm-4pm