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Medicated Rescue Roller-Bottle 25MG - Lavender Patchouli

This roll-on bottle can be used on your face, elbows, joints, neck and anywhere that you would like to add some relief. This product has the finest Organic Hemp Oil, a very expensive Vitamin E, and Essential Oils that will help to relax your skin. Lavender is awesome for you. Contains 25MG.

How to Use: Having a bad day? Having some stressful thoughts? Aromatherapy is used as a grounding technique to shift negative thougths and cognitions but utilizing several of your sense. Open the roller bottle. Stop and step back from your thinkging. Smell the roller bottle first. Then roll the bottle on any areas that you feel will benefit. I use this on my wrists, and then I enjoy. The essential oils are amazing, penetrating and relaxing. The Vitamin E is of such high quality that I use the product as a skin toner. Enjoy and treat yourself. makes a wonderful gift!.


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